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Finished paint lines

Are you thinking about enriching your production plant with your own paint shop? Do you feel that painting elements in-house will reduce your costs and thus increase your margin? Or maybe you already know that a paint shop is an investment that will quickly pay for itself and you are looking for a supplier for the next line? You’ve come to the right place. We help owners of production companies and independent paint shops to use 100% of the available wet and dry painting technologies.

Outsource what you don't have time for

Gaining the knowledge necessary to choose a paint line that meets the needs of your business takes time. We already have it and as part of our cooperation, we pay the most attention to making you feel that you are choosing well. At every stage, you can rely on our knowledge and experience. What’s more, we will take responsibility for your satisfaction by supervising the subsequent functioning of the created systems.

Enrich your business for a flexible partner

In addition to the implementation of new painting lines, we take the challenges of modernization, optimization and automation of existing production lines equally seriously. Our company employs people who, until recently, automated production lines of world-renowned brands around the world. That is why we know what the future of modern production processes looks like. And by thinking flexibly, we deliver results that are more effective than the schemes adopted in the industry.

Our specializations

Setting up painting lines

Implementation training

Production of automation machines

Technology consulting

Supply of suspension systems

Individual solutions
More durable materials
Regular deliveries

Control audits

Temperature and ventilation efficiency
Compressed air and gas installations
Exhaust quality


Take advantage of the invitation!

You don't have to make decisions on topics you don't know about. Setting up efficiently operating painting lines is our everyday life, and the priority of the service is primarily to work on long-term partnership cooperation. Take advantage of the free consultation of your idea.

Tailor-made space and budget

Be sure that the solutions you need will be selected for the individual conditions of your production hall and the planned investment budget. This applies not only to the implementation of comprehensive painting lines, but also to the selection of hangers and hooks. As a company entering the market, we are open to what you need. Not what we already have.

Made to measure reliability

It seems like a detail, but even our paint hooks are made of spring wire instead of the usual steel rod. We treat every decision regarding the quality of components of our painting lines and automation machines with equal uncompromising attitude. We only choose suppliers that have been trusted by the industry for many years. Because we care even more about getting yours.

We will build a better future for your business.
We know how.

Our strengths:

Focus on automation

Individual training care

Periodic audits technical
and service

Optimization at the design stage

Implementation of international standards

Efficient deliveries paint hangers

Briefly about us

First of all, from the consultation on what you need. What's more, our team consists of people ready to work not only from 8:00 to 16:00. One of them is Damian. Phone: 530 025 218 Email:

Maritum of activity is comprehensive care over the construction and maintenance of efficiently operating painting lines, regardless of their scale, i.e.: - design, assembly and commissioning of cabins, ovens and transport lines forming automatic and manual painting systems; - production of machines that allow optimization and automation of already existing painting lines; - supply of paint hangers and hooks selected for the comfort of work and the quality of painting any details. Supervision over the fulfillment of health and safety standards and other required by law.

First of all, with care for your time. Our team consists of people with international experience in project management, and the company's priority is to focus on independence and presenting ready-made solutions. Because it simply pays off for both parties.


Contact us and tell us what your business needs. It doesn't have to be a ready line or oven. Maybe it's the cost reduction of maintaining the current paint shop. Maybe it's about eliminating shortcomings in the quality of the coatings? Challenge us, see what we'll call you back with. This is the best way to see why we claim to be the only one.

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